Adobe Premiere Review

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It seems like just yesterday that I upgraded to Adobe Master Suite 5.5, mainly for the new photoshop content aware fill, longer preview times in Adobe After Effects and better native handling of H.264 files in Adobe Premiere. I’ve been a long time user of Adobe Premiere and occasionally use Final Cut Pro if its required. My preference – Adobe Premiere. The work flow makes more sense, it integrates with After Effects, Illustrator, Photoshop and Audition and it leads the way with advances in video acceleration via the use of GPUs from the likes of nVidia and AMD.

I don’t normally shoot and edit wedding videos (not our focus), but one of our good friends asked us to shoot a Wedding Rockumentary for them.  In the past, when I brought the video files back to the studio, I would normally re-encode them to Apple ProRes if we were going to use Final Cut or an intermediate codec for Adobe Premiere.  Final Cut Pro has a terrible time with media that comes straight off of the Canon 5D Mark II. Philip Bloom posts exhaustive write ups on this, so no need to re-hash it here.

Adobe Premiere on the other hand – I love it.  It means one less step in the work flow for me.  I went straight into editing – no intermediate files.  You certainly need a beefy machine to keep up with the video previews, but if you render the working area occasionally, any sluggishness becomes a non issue.  There is a noticeable richness to the look of the video when presented as close to the raw footage source as possible.

The editing came together so quickly that I give 5 out of 5 stars to Adobe Premiere.

Wedding Video

I am not the only one that prefers to work with Premiere.